Wheel Alignment


Most of us appreciate keeping a regular check on the condition of our car’s tyres is paramount to road safety, and minimises tyre wear.

Unfortunately, something often overlooked, is getting the wheel alignment checked. Wheels only need to be slightly out of alignment to begin to quickly increase tyre wear. The first you may realise something is wrong with the tracking, is when you notice one half of your tyre tread is rapidly disappearing. In cases of serious misalignment, reduced handling also becomes noticeable, the steering can pull to the left or right, and fuel consumption increases.


There are a number of driving scenarios which are likely to affect wheel tracking, often without you realising it. Hitting or bumping up a high curb, driving over deep potholes, and going too fast over speed-bumps, are often all that are needed to knock out alignment. Mechanical problems which can also have a bearing on altering correct vehicle tracking are worn steering components and failing suspension.

Here at Top Stop GB Ltd in Andover, we have over 35 years experience looking after the tyres, brakes, exhaust systems, and MOTs of our valued customers old and new. We also use the latest technology such as the Hoffman 3D visual wheel aligner to ensure your wheels are correctly aligned front and rear to manufacturer’s optimum tracking settings.


Under normal circumstances, getting your wheel alignment checked only needs to be carried out annually to ensure everything is as it should be. However, if you have noticed any of the following, we would recommend getting your car’s alignment checked as a matter of course.

  • You have heavily bumped a curb or other road hazard.
  • You have noticed uneven tyre wear.
  • You notice your vehicle drifts to one side.
  • The steering wheel doesn’t easily return to its central position.
  • The steering wheel appears to be ‘off centre’ when driving in a straight line.
  • After having new tyres fitted (saves money in the long run).
  • After having worn steering or suspension components replaced.

If you fear your tracking may be out, or you just want piece-of-mind, call in and see us at Top Stop GB in Andover. One of our highly qualified auto-technicians will be pleased to check your vehicle over for you. Full wheel alignment, front and rear, can be carried out in around 30 minutes. That’s just 30 minutes out of your day, to ensure your vehicle is as safe as it can be on your next road trip.

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