The most important part of any vehicle is the braking system. The ability to slow when needed, and stop quickly when required. At Top-Stop GB Ltd of Andover, we take the braking systems of all our clients’ vehicles extremely seriously.

As an experienced driver, after starting the engine, one should apply gentle pressure to the brake pedal, can you feel the pressure? As you start to move off gentle pressure should again be applied to the brake pedal, and you should feel the pads starting to bite. All modern vehicles are fitted with a power assisted braking system usually comprising of discs and pads on the front, and drums on the rear. Top of the range and high performance vehicles will likely have discs and pads fitted all round. Twin circuit systems are more commonly found on later vehicles as are Anti-skid, or Anti-lock, Braking Systems (ABS).


To ensure these systems operate at peak efficiency our vehicle technicians regularly undertake courses as new, more advanced technology makes its way to the ordinary road vehicle. With over 35 years experience looking after the wheels, tyres, exhausts, and braking systems of thousands of customers, we understand the concern inefficient brakes can cause. As part of our customer care service we offer a free visual brake check which covers all components from cylinders and fluid levels, to pad and shoe depth, and state of the discs themselves.

Should any problems be found, damaged hoses, signs of fluid leaks, cylinder or servo problems, or low pad depths, our engineers will show you the problem, and provide honest advice on how best to correct it. Should you need new pads for your brakes, at Top-Stop GB Ltd we offer a choice of good quality budget pads, or top quality premium pads, allowing you to drive worry free whatever your budget.

Of all the components in today’s modern motor car, the braking system is probably the most important. A complex, highly technical system which has been designed not just to stop your car safely, but also withstand the type of abuse and neglect many people seem so happy to put it through.

Don’t risk your or anyone else’s life by driving with a defective braking system. If you find your brakes are feeling spongy when you apply pressure to the pedal, you’ve noticed the signs of leaking fluid, or the braking system just doesn’t feel right, call into Top-Stop GB as quickly as possible. Don’t play Russian roulette with your braking system, using your free brake check our skilled technicians will appraise the problem, and have you back on the road with a safe efficient braking system within the hour.

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