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At Top Stop GB Ltd, we offer a comprehensive vehicle air conditioning maintenance and repair service to car and van owners motorists throughout the Andover area in Hampshire.

Vehicle air conditioners have become standard fixtures in the majority of models over recent decades. Offering interior climate control and comfort, they also require periodic maintenance due to characteristic gas losses of around ten percent a year. If the air conditioner unit is not working properly, this may be due to a low refrigerant level, requiring expert replenishment. Alternatively, substandard performance or defects may be due to leaks or stuck valves. We have the right tools, the latest technology and a wealth of experience to repressurise car air conditioner systems, test for leaks, and accurately diagnose any possible problems before reporting back to you.

For all these reasons, a recharge with gas and new lubricant is recommended every two years for proper vehicle maintenance. New oil and inert nitrogen is used to replace the old, in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. We carry out a vacuum test in addition to a system cleaning; this optimises performance and reduces bacterial build up. Our customers invariably appreciate a real difference, with a noticeably cooler and fresher interior. Additionally, van and car air conditioning systems that are well maintained place less load on the engine and, therefore, use less fuel. Other benefits include drier air in winter to demist the windscreen more quickly – for a safer, clearer view.


As well as the highest standard of customer service, we aim to offer the most competitive prices and timely repairs. Our knowledgeable Top Stop team mechanics will be pleased to provide honest advice based on our wide collective experience. Please feel free to check the numerous testimonials and positive feedback from our satisfied customers, for whom we have worked over some thirty-five years.

Situated in Weyhill, near Bulford on the A303 between Salisbury and Basingstoke with easy parking and comfortable, child-friendly waiting rooms, we provide a one-stop local service for every motorist and car. Our growing company has a team of dedicated, qualified motor engineers and technicians; we deal with reliable, major motor parts suppliers including Valeo and Delphi.

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Top-Stop GB Ltd are located on Weyhill road in Andover. So we are perfectly located for anyone living in Andover, Ludgershall, Tidworth and Weyhill.

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